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Shoppers returning to their earlier pandemic behaviors, research finds

Consumers are retrenching in the face of the delta variant of the coronavirus, with 20% "highly optimistic" about a return to normal, down from a third at the beginning of the summer, according to Numerator research. Nearly 60% are "very or somewhat concerned" about holiday plans being disrupted by the pandemic, Berkeley Research Group found.

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42 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

  • At one time, artificial intelligence, data-driven marketing and voice search engine optimization (VSEO) were ambitious concepts bordering on the ridiculous. Today, these innovative digital marketing trends are among the top priorities for most business owners in 2020

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4 Major Trends Caused by COVID-19 and How to Respond

  • Our lives have changed so quickly in the past few weeks as COVID-19 became a pandemic. 


Coronavirus is driving sales of face masks, a game, and T-shirt

  • Amid rising infection cases and deaths from the new coronavirus, protective gear like face masks and at least one game related to disease outbreak have surged in sales. 


Disney Bars Netflix TV Ads in Battle for Streaming Supremacy

  • Dear Netflix: Keep your money. 

  • That is the message the Walt Disney Company sent by banning advertising from Netflix on its entertainment television networks...


Here’s What Digital Marketers Thought About This Year’s NewFronts

  • The slog of NewFronts, during which digital platforms, streaming services and even retailers like Target tried to wow advertisers with their content lineups and digital programming, is finally over.


adidas FUTURECRAFT.LOOP Aims to Close the Circle of Plastic Waste

  • It was back in 2015 adidas announced their intent to turn collected oceanic plastic waste into a polymer to manufacture 3D-printed shoes...


10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 You Should Know

  • As digital trends evolve every year, marketers should always be aware of the changes in order to easily adapt with emerging technologies and stay ahead in the market...


Asian-American Buying Power Rising as Population Grows, Nielsen Report Finds

  • The report found that Asian-American buying power has increased by 257 percent since 2000, the fastest of all racial groups.


Plastic Paper x PANGAIA: An Ode to a Plastic Bag

  • There is a certain beauty in the mundane things that pass through our lives. Consider the plastic bag: a humble container designed to transport items from point A to point B and then be discarded...

PANGAIA Collabs With 'Plastic Paper' on

YouTube's Redesign Makes It Easier to Watch All the Video


How to Make Your Creative Teams More Like Disney-Pixar

  • Smash and Grab,” a new installment of Disney-Pixar’s experimental SparkShorts video series, features two robot co-workers seeking to escape the monotony of their unpleasant jobs...

Ten Steps to Prepare for An Exponential Future

  • If it feels like technological change is happening faster than it used to, that’s because it is...


YouTube Beats Apple, Netflix as the Most Rrusted Brand by Millennials

  • A study done by the firm Mblm finds that YouTube is now the most trusted brands among millennials for the first time...


Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

  • Marketers are community-minded people. We collaborate across multiple departments in our own companies, while keeping track of competitive players and ensuring we're deeply connected to the needs and goals of our customers.

  • So, to better understand what to expect or pay close attention to in 2021, I've connected with 20 marketing experts for their perspective.

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17 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2020

  • As we’re rapidly approaching the end of the year, it’s a great time to look ahead at where we’re going and the marketing trends we’re likely to see more of in 2021.


‘Parasite’ Earns Best- Picture Oscar, First for a Movie Not in English 

  • The South Korean thriller made history at this year’s Academy Awards.


Kobe Bryant, Daughter Gianna Among 9 Dead in Helicopter Crash

  • one of the greatest basketball players of all time and an internationally recognizable NBA superstar, died in a helicopter crash Sunday outside Los Angeles. He was 41 years old.

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K-Food Popularity Launches a Seoul Food Revolution

  • Amid rising interest in South Korean culture, global consumers are embracing everything from TV shows to K-pop. Now, they’re adding K-food to the list, as overseas interest spreads the flavors of the peninsula nation.


YouTube Unveils a Tool to Take the Pain Out of 6-Second Ad Production

  • YouTube has lifted the lid on an editing tool which it claims will help advertisers optimize their content for mobile audiences.


What to Look Out for in 2019. A Futurist’s View...

  • In 2019 we will see the development of at least three already emerging areas that will continue to affect the creative industries...


Artist Interview: Sea Creative

  • Starting from 2000, Sea released his flat colorful characters on the streets of Europe and in fascinating abandoned sites across Italy...


Get Ready for a New Era of Personalized Entertainment

  • New machine learning technologies, user interfaces and automated content creation techniques are going to expand the personalization...


Introducing Ford VR: The Closest Thing to the Real Thing

  • Introducing the Ford VR app, a revolutionary way to be immersed in a 3-D experience that tantalizes your senses...

Introducing Ford VR The Closest Thing to

Boiler Room Is Building a Virtual Reality Music Venue

  • Launching next year, new venue created with VR hub Inception purports to be the first of its kind...

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From BTS to Blackpink, a Historic Weekend for K-Pop

  • This weekend marks the first of the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, but the bash isn’t the only music phenomenon on everyone’s mind...


Kevin Systrom on Life After Instagram

  • Instagram Cofounder Kevin Systrom spoke with WIRED's Lauren Goode as part of WIRED25, WIRED’s 25th anniversary celebration in San Francisco.

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