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first penguin

we are first penguin
There’s always the first penguin that jumps into the ocean despite the unknown challenges. The first penguin symbolizes taking a chance and breaking the boundaries to create effective ad & digital marketing solution to multicultural businesses. 
Taking the vision that you have for your brand, we map out the specific needs of each client so they can easily connect with their target audience. Our core belief is to challenge ourselves to bring the attention every brand deserves.
Strategy & Research   
Market Research | Strategy Planning | Account Planning 
Online Campaign | Web Design | Programming | E-Blast 
Search Engine Optimization
Creative Design
Branding Development |
Collateral Development |
Film Production 
PR & Events
Public Relations | Brand Promotion 
Social Media
Content Creation |
Influencer Marketing
Media Buy & Plan | Media Relations | Budgeting
from traditional to new digital

Integrated multichannel marketing is essential to the business’ success. However, the traditional way of advertising no longer fits the purpose as the trend of media changes rapidly and it’s important to fast adapt to circle of these trends.

First Penguin is an ad agency that unleashes effective marketing solution to unfold a new way of communications.






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